MCD Plastics & Manufacturing, Piqua, Ohio USA

Company Information

MCD Plastics & Manufacturing, Piqua, Ohio USA Established in 1993, MCD Plastics & Manufacturing has the knowledge and experience to produce quality plastic parts which meet rigid dimensional tolerance and stringent surface finish requirements. We pay careful attention to the lower thermal conductivity and higher thermal expansion rate associated with machining plastics. Because we do not machine any ferrous or non-ferrous metals, we eliminate the risk of contamination from either oil-based cutting fluids or residual metal fragments. This is particularly important in food grade components. To further insure part integrity, we machine all of our parts in a new, clean, climate controlled manufacturing facility.

Examples of parts produced by MCD Plastics & Manufacturing, Piqua, Ohio USAMCD Plastics & Manufacturing produces custom plastic parts for a broad range of customers. Some of the customers we serve operate in the following industries: Automation, Chemical, Electronics, Food Processing, Instrumentation, Pollution Control, Printing and Railroad. Examples of some representative parts we produce are as follows: bearings, bushings, gears, guides, pivot nuts, plugs, rollers, sheaves, sprockets, wear strips and wheels. In addition to machined plastic parts, we also manufacture a wide range of flat and formed custom polycarbonate and acrylic machine guards and windows in various thicknesses.

MCD Plastics & Manufacturing carries a large inventory of engineering plastics in rod, tube and sheet to meet our customer’s delivery requirements. Typical stock items are as follows: Acetal, Acrylic, DelrinŽ, LexanŽ, NylatronŽ, Nylon, Phenolics, Polycarbonate, PVC, TeflonŽ, and UHMW. We also have a CAD/CAM system to assist in the design and manufacturing of parts as well as an ISO compliant quality management system to facilitate the continuous improvement of our business processes.

Lastly, MCD Plastics & Manufacturing is a service company dedicated to providing our customers with quality parts, delivered on time and at competitive prices. Please contact our friendly, knowledgeable staff to assist you with your outsourcing requirements for machined plastic parts. We welcome the opportunity to partner with our customers.

MCD Plastics & Manufacturing, 172 R.M. Davis Parkway, Piqua, Ohio 45356
phone (937) 778-1850; fax (937) 778-1851